Secured Online Voting

Secured Voting is a web-based online voting system that will help you organize your elections in a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way. Secured Voting improve voter turnout and build instant results — ideal for associations, schools, unions or anyone.
Secured voting is always free for less than 25 voters. Set up your Election for Free.


Ultimate Security

The multi layer security features such as OTP, Unique Link offers a high security. The special key and password protection ensures ultimate security to Organization login for election configuration.

Unique link

An hash tagged unique link will be sent to all the voters via Email/Phone to vote. This link will be valid only during the polling time and this cannot be reused or duplicated by any means.

Mobile security

OTP will dynamically be generated and sent to the elector's Mobile/Email at the time of voting. This ensures high security and prevents any unauthorized attempt even if the email login was compromised.

Anonymous Voting

The voting data is stored using SHA2-512-bit encryption and it is secured and protected. This cannot be retrieved and matched with any elector and the secrecy of voting privilege is 100% protected.

Quick and Easy Steps

Organizations can easily conduct an election in 6 easy steps. Set Options | Upload Member Data | Define Positions | Define Candidates | Activate and Publish Election | View Results.


Conducting an election is easy at unbelievable low cost, this saves money for the Organization. It’s really inexpensive —


Voting Demo

Voter can get polling link via email or mobile and cast vote within the polling time. To get the voting link voter must have a valid mobile number or an email.

Election set up Demo

Organizations can conduct online election in simple steps. In this demo election admin can conduct e-voting with all features enabled.
Note: (Highly Recommended)

Quick Election set up Demo

Conducting an election is simple and economical.In minutes you can create a ballot, and start seeing results.
Note: Security options are disabled in this demo

Our Service Industry

It works great for Charities, Non Profitable Organizations, Condo Owners, Credit Unions, Companies, Associations, Home Owner Associations, Unions, Student Groups, Fraternities,High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Unions, Municipalities, State Government, Political Groups



Homeowners Association

Associations & Unions

Chambers and Societies

Trust & Educational Institutions

Employee Associations

Corporate and Industry

Price Table

Free Plan

  • Member data upto 25
  • Unique ballot link by Email
  • Unique ballot link by Mobile
  • Voting link request by voter
  • Abstain/NOTA as option in ballot
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Silver Plan

  • Unlimited Member data
  • Unique ballot link by Email
  • Email Validation
  • On-campus Voting
  • Voting link request by voter
  • Single voting link reminder
  • Abstain/NOTA as option in ballot
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Gold Plan

Recommended for secure Elections
  • Unlimited Member data
  • Unique ballot link by Email
  • Email Validation
  • On-Campus Voting
  • Voting link request by voter
  • Multiple voting link reminder
  • Abstain/NOTA as option in ballot
  • Unique ballot link by Mobile
  • Member data Validation
  • Full Support Election Setup
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How it Works

Secured voting helps to organize your election in fast and easy way. You can have your election up and running in 5 minutes. Less work more turnout.

1 chevron_right Choose Plan

You can choose from plans and set election options to build and run election. Take a test drive here for your election.

2 chevron_right Upload member data

You can enter member/voter data manually or upload an excel sheet in xlsx, .xls or .csv format. Check prerequisite here.

3 chevron_right Define positions

You can define positions and number of posts for the election.

4 chevron_left Add Candidates

You can define the candidates with name, symbol and photo for the corresponding post(s) and create the ballot.

5 chevron_left Make Payment

Payment for the election is done based on the number of members in member data. We offer promo codes for discount.

6 chevron_left Activate & Publish

You can set date, time and activate then send voting link to all the voters

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About us

Secured Voting is a complete solution for online election system. Electronic voting system is 100% web based, easy to use, most convenient, user friendly and integrated with ultimate security features. Our Internet voting system is a flexible, feature-rich election service ideal for all types of organizations large and small.

This application provides a new technique of casting votes using mobile phones. Mobile voting system deploys an easy and flexible way of casting votes anytime and from anywhere.

Our Online voting application is designed the best and optimized for usage by Recreation Clubs, Social Service Clubs, Organizations, Associations, NGO, Political Parties, Societies, Home/Flat Owner Associations, Trade Unions and Educational Institutions.

To achieve excellence in providing secure and efficient application and to create value for our clients.

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