Blockchain Online Voting System

Imagine an online system where it is possible to vote using a computer, tablet, mobile phone or a multimedia totem without the need for voters to physically access the polling station, yet offering the same or better guarantees compared to a public election

black chain Voting

Introduction to Blockchain technology

Voting is a fundamental element of any collaboration between individuals, with methods ranging from a show of hands and the use of a ballot box, to online voting and liquid democracy platforms. However, online voting and e-democracy platforms are subject to certain problems that undermine the definitive nature and certainty of the process:

  • Who controls the online platform?
  • How can I be certain that the votes are counted correctly?
  • Who ensures the system availability for the duration of the election?
  • How can votes be verified, even after the voting is finished?

In the context of public elections, these critical aspects are managed at a significant cost: just consider the various figures involved in the control and in the calculation of votes (counting managers, polling station managers, law enforcement personnel) and the characteristics of the equipment used (voting cards, stamps, special pencils).

Ballotchain is a solution dedicated to making every online voting initiative as secure and verifiable as a public election.

 Hand Voting Image