• To register with secured voting election admin must have a valid mobile number and email Id

  • Election admin should have member list in the following format

Non-Weighted Vote

Member Data Sample

Weighted Vote

Member Data Sample

Note: member data should have unique and Valid mobile number and email Id

To maintain high security and to avoid typographical errors we do not allow editing of member data once uploaded. However, you can modify the data in your excel sheet and then reload it. Once the records are reviewed and freezed you cannot change it in anyway. If you still need to have the data corrected, you may delete the election itself and create a new election where you can upload the corrected data.

Keeping the member data 100% accurate ensures 100% functionality performance of secured voting. Incorrect email-id or incorrect phone number (with country code) may prevent the access to the member to vote as the voting credentials may not be verified.

We strongly recommend you to scrutinize the entire member data and then upload to the system.

An Election that is not completed can be deleted and recreated. You cannot delete an election once the payment is processed.

Election results can’t be modified. We generate instant result based on number of votes casted during the time of polling. Once the polling gets over the system will generate the results and mail it to the organization registered email id.

The system can be used by any organization or society where they will have to elect their board members by the regular members.

Some of the most common organizations are:

1. Club

2. Association

3. Educational Institutions

4. Political Parties

5. Societies

6. Trade Unions etc

NOTA means "None Of The Above". NOTS means "None Other Than Selected".

When a member chooses not to vote any of the candidates he/she can choose NOTA as an option.

Using NOTA for multiple posts of the same position is bit tricky. For a position with multiple posts the elector must select as many candidates as the posts defined.

When choosing NOTA option, they can still choose one or more candidates until the last candidate could be NOTA. This means NOTA is selected the elector has the choice to select number of posts minus 1.

The following example shows the use of NOTA and NOTS