Implementing Waterfall Elections with E-Vote

Some E-Vote customers want to implement waterfall elections, and in this post, I explain how you can do this with E-Vote. Full disclosure, I just made up the name "waterfall election," but it needed a name and I kinda like it.

In a waterfall election, you are electing multiple positions, say president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The key difference from regular elections is that people can run for more than one position. A person may want to be president, but if he doesn't win that election, then he might want to be vice president

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Cascade Waterfall Election

With a cascade waterfall election, there is a single ballot, each voter casts a single vote. The votes are counted to determine a first winner, and that person is elected president. The president is then removed from the ballots, the ballots are recounted, and the next winner is elected vice president, and so forth. Online voting allows people in today’s mobile and digitally advanced society to participate in the democratic process over the internet. The POLYAS online voting system offers the highest levels of transparency, control, security and efficiency of election processes. Online votings provide voters with a comfortable and secure voting experience and allow election organizers to save resources in planning their next electio

  • Run a regular E-Vote Election with a single winner. The winner of the election is president.
  • Download the ballots from the Election and create a Count. In the Count, you withdraw the president, and then count the ballots to determine the vice president.
  • Rinse and repeat with additional Counts as needed.
  • For election organizers, conducting postal or ballot box elections entails significant expenses: securing suitable physical venues, notifying eligible voters, preparing postal voting materials, and managing the vote tally. Enhance your election planning with optimal flexibility and efficiency by generating ballots effortlessly online. Conveniently dispatch election invitations and reminders via email. Monitor voter participation in real-time and interact with voters seamlessly with just a few clicks. Streamline the organization of elections through simple ballot creation, customizable election invitation designs, and automated vote tabulation provided by the POLYAS online voting system. Even intricate voting processes can be easily mapped out using this platform.

Segmented Waterfall Election

With a segmented waterfall election, there are multiple ballots, one for each position being filled. Each candidate can run for one, some, or all of the positions. You count all the ballots to determine an initial winner for each of the positions. If a person won more than one position, then that person is removed from the ballots for the lower position (e.g., the president is removed from the vice president ballots) and the ballots are recounted. This is repeated as needed until you have a different winner for each position.

  • Run a regular E-Vote Election with a contest for each position. E.g., a contest for each of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. If the Election produces a different winner for each position, then you are done.
  • If two different positions have the same winner, then we need to create E-Vote Counts. For example, suppose the same person was elected both president and vice president. That person will be elected president. To determine the vice president, create a Count with the vice president ballots, withdraw the president, and recount the ballots.