Implementing Waterfall Elections with E-Vote

Some E-Vote clients express keen interest in integrating waterfall elections, and in this article, I delve into how this can be achieved using E-Vote. I aim for transparency and want to clarify that I coined the term "waterfall election" for this concept, as it necessitated a distinct identifier, and I believe it aptly represents the process

In a waterfall election, you're selecting several positions, including president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Unlike standard elections, individuals have the option to compete for multiple roles. For instance, if someone initially aims for the presidency but doesn't succeed, they may choose to pursue the vice presidency instead. This flexibility is a distinctive feature of waterfall elections.

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Cascade Waterfall Election

In a cascade waterfall election, a single ballot is employed, with each voter casting a solitary vote. The initial winner, determined by tallying votes, ascends to the presidency. Subsequently, the president is omitted from the ballots, triggering a recount, and the subsequent winner assumes the vice presidency, and so forth. In today’s digitally advanced society, online voting facilitates democratic participation via the internet. The POLYAS online voting system guarantees unparalleled levels of transparency, control, security, and efficiency in electoral processes. Online voting ensures a convenient and secure voting experience for voters while enabling election organizers to economize resources in planning forthcoming elections

Organize a standard E-Vote Election with a sole victor, who secures the presidency. Retrieve the ballots from the Election and conduct a Count. During the Count, exclude the president, then tally the ballots to designate the vice president. Repeat this procedure as necessary. For election planners, executing postal or ballot box elections incurs substantial costs: procuring appropriate physical venues, notifying eligible voters, preparing postal voting materials, and managing the vote tally. Optimize your election strategy with utmost flexibility and efficiency by effortlessly generating online ballots. Seamlessly dispatch election invitations and reminders via email. Monitor voter engagement in real-time and seamlessly engage with participants with just a few clicks. Simplify election logistics through easy ballot creation, customizable invitation designs, and automated vote tabulation offered by the POLYAS online voting system. Even intricate voting procedures can be effortlessly navigated using this platform.

Segmented Waterfall Election

In a segmented waterfall election, each position has its own dedicated ballot, providing flexibility for candidates running for one or more positions. Initially, winners for each role are identified through a comprehensive tallying of all ballots. Should a candidate secure multiple positions, they are progressively removed from lower-ranking position ballots (e.g., a presidential victor would no longer feature on vice presidential ballots), ensuring a fair recounting process until a distinct winner is determined for each position.

Organize a standard E-Vote Election with competitions for each open position, encompassing president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Once distinct winners arise for every role, the process concludes. In instances where one candidate clinches two separate positions, additional E-Vote Counts are indispensable. For instance, if an individual secures victory as both president and vice president, they automatically assume the presidency. To determine the vice president, commence a separate Count exclusively for the vice presidential ballots, exclude the president, and conduct a recount of the ballots.